Introduction to ISO GPS (GD&T)

Training that scales to fit your team size and standardises their GD&T knowledge

Upskill your site-wide team of engineers without

the difficulties of arranging in-person training

Difficulties of classroom-based training The benefits of online, self-paced learning
Travel for both trainers and learners Learn from any office or home
Schedule conflicts (internal and with quality training providers) Everyone can learn at a suitable time for them
Additional costs for travel, accommodation and catering No additonal costs incurred
Required utilising scarce meeting room facilities No facilities required, so easily scalable across locations
Inconsistent training quality across different trainers Consistent training quality for all learners
Attendance issues due to unpredictable travel/illness Learners start the training whenever it suits them
Learners can struggle with the speed of the training, making it less effective for some people Learners progress at a speed they are comfortable with

Facilitate practical, effective GD&T training!

Accommodate training for a large (multi-site) team

with remote learning allowing you to standardise GD&T knowledge across departments and worldwide sites/hybrid working

Upskill engineers with confidence that learning can be applied

using an effective interactive learning environment for all learning capabilities and prevents engineers from being overwhelmed

Avoid the stressful lead-up to dedicated training days

whilst ensuring training progress allowing engineers to manage workload and meet project deadlines

Achieve timely training and meet training requirements/future roadmaps

maintaining consistency of learning and enabling training to the scaled quickly

the self-paced online training course

Steve Vick International are proud of the strong reputation we have developed for delivering innovative product development and cost saving solutions. In order to deliver such cost savings we identified, with EnginSoft, that our own manufacturing costs could be reduced through better design specifications. Since the GD&T Training provided by EnginSoft we have revised 30% of our latest drawings to improve product design and quality allowing our manufacturing suppliers to understand our design intentions and avoid unnecessary cost.
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